Long (long, long) Overdue Family Photos

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When my oldest son was a baby, we took him to a studio to have his photos taken and the photographer commented that he hardly ever took any photos of his own child. I was horrified and thought that if I had a studio set up, I’d take endless portraits of my own children to add to the thousands of snapshots I took everyday. Fast forward a few years, as I slowly accumulated the equipment. For a long time, I was great and I took a lot of photos – both snapshots and portraits – of my kids. In the last couple of years, though, I’ve slowed way down. The kids are older and they don’t want their photos taken anymore, we’re all busy and it’s tough to schedule,whatever.

We had family in town last week and because this doesn’t happen all that often, we coerced all of the children (and maybe a few adults) and offered frozen yogurt for incentive if everyone cooperated. As we left the house, it began to rain. There may or may not have been a grumpy kid or two and a few, “I am not having my picture taken” mutterings. We pressed on.

And I’m so glad we did. . .

bloggrands001bw blogaria001bw blogaria002bw blogeliot001bw
bloggrands003bw bloggriffin001bw bloggriffin002bw bloghayden001bw blogsimon001bw

So worth every minute of it. The frozen yogurt the photographer got as a reward helped.




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