Kitten Love

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I have been wanting to adopt a couple of kittens for a long time. Long, like years kind of long. In Eugene, we lived in a very (VERY) small house on a very busy street, a block away from a very busy intersection. Neither outdoor nor indoor cats seemed to be a good idea there. Then we relocated to Medford. We lived in an apartment while closing the deal on a house we loved even though we knew it would require a lot of work. I had to wait until we moved out of the apartment, and then I had to wait until we were finished with the bulk of the construction. 

Finally, a friend adopted a cat that she wanted to surprise her children with at Christmas. We agreed to be a foster family for Sugar for the two weeks leading up to Christmas. Everyone fell in love with her and we decided to take the leap and adopt our own. 

Meet Vincenzo Hulouie Allensis. . . he’s approximately 5 months old. We mostly call him Enzo. Sometimes Chenzo. He’s found a new best friend in our 7-year old son, Hayden. They love to cuddle while playing video games. When Enzo is not sleeping on my feet at night, he’s occupying the bottom bunk in Hayden’s room. He is fascinated with water – he loves to drop his toys in his water dish, snooze in the bathroom sink or tip over his water bowl (or your glass of water if you turn your back) and play in the spill.

I set up a black back drop to take some photos of Enzo today and walked away to get my camera and some treats to bribe him with. When I came back, he was sitting in the middle of the backdrop, posing and patiently waiting for me to get back. 






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