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the wait is over . . .

I have been waiting to love, cuddle and of course, photograph this little guy FOREVER. Okay, for several months. I not only got to spend some time with my nephews (and their parents), I got to do it by myself. I spent 2 days driving by myself, I stopped in at Powell’s Books & IKEA by myself, and I had two nights where I had no teeth to brush, no kids to wrestle into PJs and no kids crawling into my bed at 4 AM. As good as it was to get away (for the first time), it was even better getting home. Now my head is still spinning a little and I’m trying to figure out where to start on the mountain of things I have to do, but it was worth it.

I had heard that if you keep the room warm enough, you can photograph a sleeping newborn in several different poses without them waking up. Turns out it’s true – Eliot was so mellow and so cooperative both awake and asleep.







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change is good . . .

You may notice some changes around here. Yes, leave it to me to make some major business changes right in the middle of my busiest season.

First . . . NEW BLOG address – allensis.wordpress.com

Second . . . NEW WEBSITE – allensis.com

Third . . . NEW PROOFING AND PURCHASING SITE – allensis.ifp3.com You now have the ability to purchase your photos online!

Fourth . . . NEW EMAIL – photography@allensis.com

Drop me an email so I can get your address into my address book. I hope that’s not too much to take in at one time. My phone number – 541.543.4520 is the same.

Now to the fun part of the business – the fall colors and lighting is BEAUTIFUL right now – perfect for a family photo shoot! The best time of day is around 3-4 PM, although on dry days, mornings are nice also. Contact me soon to schedule your shoot – especially if you want custom designed holiday cards. It is my goal to have all holiday cards designed and ordered by the first of December so that I’m not still filling and delivering orders right up until Christmas. I will be out of town November 7 – 9, visiting my brand new nephew (and his fabulous brother), but I still have shoots available some weekdays and weekends.

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get that crazy lady with the camera OUT OF HERE!

Here are just a few of my favorites from our photo shoot. Oh my goodness, I had so many to choose from – I can’t wait to share the rest of them with you. The first few aren’t very good photos, but I just loved little A’s transformation from having ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with me to totally hamming it up for the camera!

These first two I took while hiding my camera and pretending that I was not taking pictures. I don’t think he bought it.

It’s a little difficult to frame a shot without looking . . .

oops – I focused on the grass instead of the people . . .

You may think that at this point, the little guy was finally coming around to sort of liking me. Nope, his cool uncle was standing right behind me making faces.

And here he discovers that I am still here, still pretending not to take pictures . . .

Finally, we’re done and heading to the parking lot, but he still doesn’t trust me . . .

And then, something changed. I don’t know if he realized that I was not going to put my camera away, even though we were leaving, or the prospect of having survived this tortuous photo shoot left him giddy. But first, a little glance my way and then a little smile.

And finally, an hour and a half later, eye contact and a smile. Sweet, hard-earned beautiful smiles.

And the girls were such naturals – they were patient and always ready with their gorgeous smiles.

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my little buddy’s best buddy

These two have sooooo much fun together. Like sneaking into H’s sister’s backpack and finding her stash of shades.

They came in for pics in my garage studio because his school doesn’t do school photos. I don’t know if we captured the typical school picture, but we sure had fun!

brothers. . .

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How cute are these two? This little guy used to hide from me and especially my camera, and now I think he has a little crush on me. Okay, maybe not a crush, but he doesn’t scowl at me anymore!

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my favorites from this weekend and a bonus flash back

We had a really fun photo shoot with one of my favorite families to photograph this weekend. I started photographing this gorgeous little girl when she was 18 months old. She was so shy and sweet. And now, she loves the camera and it obviously loves her. She has so much personality that it’s impossible not to catch her spirit and enthusiasm.

From our first photo shoot:

from baby . . .

to big girl, in just two years!

in black and white:

For some reason, I really like skewing the view . . . maybe it’s creativity, maybe it’s the slight case of vertigo I’ve had since I had the flu last year. In either case, I did take some straight on shots, also.

I love all of the expressions in this photo –